Media & Press

Meet the new international student, Chronicle of Higher Education, January 2020

COVID-19 affects international enrollment, experience in higher education, experts say, The Daily Californian, May 2020

Will Coronavirus crisis trigger an enrollment crisis? Inside Higher Ed, February 2020

IC3 Conference welcomes over 900 to Mumbai, The PIE News, September 2019

Fewer Chinese students at many campuses, Inside Higher Ed, October 2019

Educators ask Congress to act as foreign students seek study elsewhere, Voice of America, May 2019

The Top 50 schools for international students 2019: Enrollment is slowing but it’s not all Trump, Forbes, February 2019

One of America’s most vital exports, education, never goes abroad, but it still faces threats, New York Times, January 2019

Education is not just about what is happening in the classroom, interview with Association Advisor, September 2018

Iranian students protest US visa slowdown, Nature, August 2018

International students to US: Do you really want us? Christian Science Monitor, July 2018

U.S. high schools picking up more flavor, Wall Street Journal, September 2017

“I’ll be in Canada”: More students are looking to head north, Washington Post, March 2017

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