Articles & Essays

America Calling: The legacy of Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, and a million students, Diplomatic Courier, November 2020

Trump’s ICE U-turn will not save universities from the fall-out, Times Higher Education, July 16 2020

COVID-19’s Impact on the World’s Largest Youth Population, University World News, June 13, 2020

Lost in Translation: My Complicated Relationship with English, American Kahani, June 2020

Difficult Times for International Students in the U.S., Times Higher Education, November 2019

International Students’ Role in Migration Must be Better Recorded, Times Higher Education, February 2018

U.S. Student Mobility Trends in a Global Context, University World News, June 2017

Developing Social Justice Leaders. University World News, Issue No: 412, May 2016

Teach One, Reach All: The Multiplier Impact of Educating Girls and Women. Opening Minds Blog Series, March, 2016

Keeping the Doors Open to International Students. Times Higher Education, November, 2015

Asia: The Next Higher Education Superpower? Asian Development Bank’s Asia Pathways Blog, May 19, 2015

What Role Can MOOCs Play in the Development Agenda? Opening Minds Blog Series, July, 2014

A Good Night’s Sleep in Colonial Comfort, National Geographic Traveller India, April 2013

A Passage from India: Lessons from an International Student’s Journey. WorldWise Blog, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2013

An International Student’s Education: What I Learned about myself, America and the world. Huffington Post, 2013

What lipstick taught me about being a new mum. Huffington Post, 2013

The cultural dilemma of American summers for immigrant parents. Huffington Post, 2013

The cultural dilemma of American summers for immigrant parents. InCulture Parent: For parents raising global citizens, 2013

Cranky Khansamas and Kadaknath Chicken, Man’s World Magazine, March 2013

How Dak Bungalows Fed the Peripatetic Raj, Man’s World magazine, October 2012

Higher Education Must Join Up Internationalisation and Development. The Guardian, 2012

Somewhere between Kalamazoo and New Delhi. Passionfruit: A Women’s Travel Journal, 2000. Fall issue, special issue on India.


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